Grzegorz Kubiak

Master Trainer and Olympic rider Grzegorz Kubiak expertiese has over 30 years of  top level competitive showing. Born in February 1963, he is the most decorated Polish show jumper in the history. 
He won the 'High Jump" competition during the CSI in Berlin clearing 208 cm (6.8" feet)  "Djane de Fontenis".
He has been crowned multiple times Champion of Poland and he is a member of the Polish Olympic Team (Athens 2004). He represented Poland the most times ever in Nations Cup during CSIO events and has also competed during World Cup Finals in Las Vegas, Kuala Lumpur, Gutengerg i Madrid. He has also competed in numerous European Championships. He resides at the stable in the suburbs of Warsaw. He always has top trained horses for sale.

Adrianna Ostrowska

Adrianna is a rider for the Polish National Team. She specializes in training and breeding of Jumpers. She manages one of the oldest breeding facilities in Poland called “Stado Ogierow Boguslawice” (The Stallion Herd Boguslawice) which is owned by her parents.   The Herd history in Bogusławice began in 1915. After the outbreak of World War II, a herd of more than 120 horses evacuated to the east, but during the evacuation the area was bombed and shelled by the Soviet army.  After the war, the rebuilt herd,  with the participation of horses  from Germany in 1946, helped to bring back to life this facility. During the 60’s in Bogusławice there were 150-200 stallions; the 1960s was a period of dynamic development of the Herd. In 1989 - the director Andrzej Osadziński died --president of Polish Equestrian Federation-  a man completely devoted to The Herd Boguslawice.  Until 1993 it functioned as State Farm under the name: National Stallions Boguslawice. Since 1994, it acts as a Stallion in Bogusławice LLC and it is now owned by Jasta Aneta and Jacek Ostrowski (Adrianna’s parents).

Kinga Leszek-Karwanska

Kinga was my first trainer! She has always been my role model because of the way she trained her horses and students. She always says that every horse needs to have good dressage basics in order to be a good jumper. Kinga specializes in dressage and jumpers mainly for children and young adults. She always has ponies for sale that would be best showing partners for your child! Her facility is located just few miles from Warsaw. 

Agnieszka Janiszewska-Kuhl

Agnieszka (Agnes) has been riding for 20 years with best Polish and European riders. She believes that every rider never stops learning. As a trainer she has been selling horses successfully throughout the years. She specializes in dressage horses. Her horses are trained with accordance to German Riding School, but she also believes that every horse can be trained with individual solutions.

Michal Mordzelewski is a nationally recognized trainer has been selling sport horses for more than a decade.  He acquires horses from breeders when they are very young and trains them appropriately to their abilities. Many horses from Michal are bought by European re-sellers who put premium pricing on Michal’s horses. Michal always thinks of the well-being of his horses and he always treats them with great care and respect.

Bogna Hupa

Bogna is an owner of a large breeding farm .  Her farm is over 250 Acres or which she breeds Trakhener, Silesian and S.P. horses.  Her horses are raised in a natural environment and spend most of their time outdoor. They are turned out together all year round. Bogna’s horses distinguish themselves with hardiness and easy going temperaments. If you are looking for broodmares or carriage horses this is the place to go!


Gabriela Jaworska-Mazur

Gabriela is an experienced rider and trainer. She participated 5 times in European Championships, 2 times in World Championships in Verden, she was a finalist at the World Cup in Frankfurt. She has won multiple medals in the Dressage Championships of Poland. She specializes in dressage horses. Her husband, Krzysztof Mazur specializes in Jumpers. Together, as a "Mazur Dream Team" as they call themselves, they can recognize best talents in a specific horse and train it appropriately.