Schooling Ricci

Ride with your mind

I am not going to write in a third person: "Weronika is...". This is my website, so I am writing this text.

If you would like to become a better rider that not only rides but also can LISTEN and FEEL horses then you should ride with me.

As a FEI dressage rider I will not only show you how to develop better BALANCE between you and your horse, but also how lessons can be more enjoyable for both of you.

When I took lessons back in Poland, my trainer NEVER actually rode my horse, so I had to do every movement myself. I think that was crucial for me in becoming better each time, so I will ride your horse if needed, but most of the time will focus on how to make YOU a better rider. How to make a better couple of you and your horse.

Please be aware that I can be tough sometimes. Like REALLY tough.

All Jumpers are welcome. Dressage is the foundation of riding, so if you do not know how to do correct transitions, keep your horse on a contact or shorten/lengthen your stride then you are doomed.

FUN FACT: In Europe most of sport horses are both jumpers and dressage horses (yep, it's REAL).



If you do not own a horse and you just wish to start riding - we will sort this out for you! I welcome children and adults at all levels.


45-60 min private lesson - $70

30 min private lesson (school horse) - $60

45-60 min private lesson (school horse) - $80