Why Polish Horses? See Polish horse breeds HERE

There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing horse from Poland. Here are few of them...

  •       Training – Polish horses are all trained accordingly to the German school of training. All of them have very good dressage basics and in accordance to their capabilities they are either Jumpers, Dressage or Eventing horses.
  •       Hardiness –  Polish horses are not considered “delicate” horses. With proper and regular training they rarely get contusions, they don't need heavy blankets in the winter and they are very fit.
  •      Natural Environment - Polish horses are raised in the most natural way possible. They are turned out in herds and spend at least half a day outside. They usually fed with oats or other natural grains which allows them to maintain healthy gastric systems.
  •      Good genes – A lot of Polish horses are bred using Polish mares (Wielkopolski or Malopolski breed) and foreign stallions. These type of mixes give Polish horses great qualities: movement, beauty, hardiness and clear gaits.
  •       Beauty - Polish horses have really balanced conformation which with beautiful head and movement will definitely bring all eyes on them.
  •      PRICE – Yes, the price of Polish horses is going to be a positive surprise. Poland is part of the European Union, but it kept it’s currency – the Polish Zloty (PLN). Currently the US Dollar is strong and it is a great moment to use this advantage ($1.00= PLN 3.9). The prices for Polish horses are so good, that a lot of German horse salesmen and saleswomen buy them and the re-sell them at a premium price! Actually, one of my friends bought a Polish horse from a German re-seller. Prices of course vary depending on many factors (level of training, age, blood line, breed, etc.), but I will make sure to find something that will be suitable for your budget.