13 y.o. experienced mare

GORGEOUS 13 y.o. dressage mare for sale!!! 4th level and some elements of Prox St. Georges. Really good character. Perfect horse for amateur or someone who would like to polish their dressage skills. Clean X-Rays. Horse located in Poland. Please PM us with questions about pricing and shipping options.

Welcome - 8 y.o. gorgeous gelding

"WELCOME" - WERBESPOT x SILVIO II x FURIOSO 8 y.o. dressage gelding. Spectacular horse. Clear and correct gaits, huge potential for Grad Prix. Good flying changes and lethal movements. VERY HANDSOME and LOVABLE! Clean X-Rays. (PRICE: $65,000 including shipping from Poland and all fees). 

Fagreto - 6 y.o. amazing prospect

Fagreto - 6 y.o. BEAUTIFUL gelding. 16.2 hands tall. Very good mover, but easy to sit. X-Rays clean and available. (PRICE: 35,000.00 including shipping and fees).

Monte Carlo - 4 y.o. gelding.

4 y.o. gelding with great bloodline. Sire: Caretino K (Hol.), Dam: Magia. This horse started to be trained under saddle just recently, but likes to learn and tries to please. Great potential and beautiful movement. This horse is a real bargain. (PRICE: 17,000.00 USD including shipping and all fees).

4 y.o one of a kind gelding

4 y.o. gelding. Started jumping 110 cm and in regular training. Calm and learns fast. Very beautiful. Easy to ride, perfect for someone who is looking for a long term companion. (PRICE: 20,000 including shipping and all fees). 

8.y.o Trakehner

JUST DO IT - 8 y.o. Trakehner gelding FOR SALE. Sire: Waitaki, Dam: Jastarnia. This horse is a show veteran! Has been shown in 3rd level being prepared for 4th level. Very talented with great manners. Knows how to jumps as well. (PRICE: 23,000.00 including shipping and fees).

Gorgeous 4 y.o. gelding.

GORGEOUS 4 y.o. gelding FOR SALE! 17 hands, beautiful and clear gaits. Easy ride and good temperament. Very good jumper after the Sire: Cola Zero (!)(Oldenburg.), Dam: Bogini (Polish Warmblood). (PRICE: 25,000.00 including all fees and shipping from Poland). (D. Kuczkowska).

Aszli - 7 y.o. Trakehner mare.

ASZLI - 7 year old Trakehner mare, 17 hands. Sire: Esaul, Dam: Aksa. Very good movement. Jumps 120 cm (3.9 ft) and competed many times in dressage shows (Third Level, preparing to Fourth Level). (PRICE: $26,000.00 including shipping and fees). 

Gejzer - wonderful dressage and jumper.

AMAZING 12 y.o. gelding for sale. Sire: Amok, Dam: Galicja after Gambit. 16.2 hands. Very pretty mover with great conformation. Jumps 120 cm (3.9 ft) with ease but was mainly shown in dressage competitions in Second and Third Levels. (PRICE: $18,000.00 including transport and all fees).     (Marta Misztal).

Aurelius - FEI 8 year old gelding.

Aurelius - Hanoverian 8 year old FEI gelding (16.1 hands). Currently learning passage. Aurelius is calm but does not get lazy. He loves to work and aims to please. Sire: Accusé, Dam: Galatheè. (PRICE: 30,000.00 including transport and all fees).

5 year old Hanoverian with exceptional bloodline.

Gorgeous 17.00 hand (172cm) 5 year old Hanoverian gelding with exceptional bloodline: Sire: Danone I/De Niro/Donnerhall - Weltmeyer - Dam: Laurissa/Lauries Crusador - Pik Koenig. This horse learns everything very quickly, he is already 2nd level dressage. The video from the indoor arena shows him in December 2015, the outdoor one this summer. (PRICE: USD 32,000.00 including transport and all fees).

8 year old 3rd level gelding

INCREDIBLE 8 year old (170 cm - 16.3 hands) dressage danish warmblood gelding FOR SALE. Trained in 3rd level dressage and jumps 110 cm with an ease! Real gem for a bargain. Pre-purchase exam available (X-rays). (PRICE: 26,000.00 including shipping from Poland and all fees). (L Rutkowska).

Dessman - 8 year old FEI gelding.

 INCREDIBLE 8 year old for sale!!! Very special and beautiful FEI level gelding FOR SALE. Video shows all! (58,000 EUR including all fees and transport from Poland).

6 year old beautiful mover.

Fantastic 6 year old gelding. Beautiful movement and great energy. He is in regular dressage training for couple of months now, but also loves to jump. Great prospect! (21,000 USD including all fees and transport from Poland). (MW)

Mandaryna - 10 year old 4th level mare.

10 year old mare - "Mandaryna" is 4th level dressage but has been also shown in jumping 130 cm (last time shown in jumping 2 years ago)! Despite her height (18.2 hands) she is very comfortable and elastic in all movements! (PRICE: 25,000 EUR including fees and transport). MW.

Gorgeous Third Level 8 year old gelding.

Beautiful 8 year old Polish Warmblood (Malopolski) gelding. Dam: Aruba, Sire: Efekt. Very sensitive to all aids. Perfect dressage companion for a woman. Competed in 3rd level, prepared to 4th level. (Price $23,000.00 including fees and transport from Poland). 

6 year old Polish Half-bred gelding.

Gorgeous 16.9 hand 7 year old gelding for sale. In his debut he received 65,5% (video). Currently showing in 1st and 2nd level. Very brave horse that also loves jumping and trial rides. Price: $22,000.00 including shipping from Poland. (MW).

5 year old beautiful KWPN gelding.

Gorgeous 5 year old KWPN (Dutch Warmblood) gelding for sale!!! We will have a video soon! Very calm for his age, clear gaits and beautiful expressive movement. (PRICE: 33,000.00 EUR) 

Le Bom - 8 year old, Prix st. Georges level gorgeous gelding (SOLD - I know...it's sad). 

16.2 hands tall Westphalian 8 year old gelding (Sire: Louis Le Bon, Dam: Pamela). This horse is a true talent, very focused and learns quickly. LeBom has beautiful movement that, with proper training can be even more spectacular. He has a very delicate mouth that requires soft hands. This horse had 1st pace in Mazovia Championships in 4th level and 2nd place in the Warsaw Championships in 2014. (PRICE: 40,000.00 USD including transport and fees).

Dominus - 9 year old 4th level Branderburgen gelding.

Very talented 16.5 hands tall gelding (Sire: Donnerhall). Great mover and lovely companion. Very good ground manners. Currently learns how to do one tempi changes. This horse has a spot on his left eye - picture upon request- but it does not have an effect on his vision. (PRICE: 30,000.00 USD including transport and fees).

Flamenco 13 year old Hanoverian Dressage Schoolmaster.

16.7 hand tall beautiful Hanoverian gelding. This horse is perfect for anyone who would like to show, but is bit timid. Flamenco (also called Fleming) is a fantastic school master that has all the right buttons. Besides lovely movement and self-carriage he is a true beauty. Very calm and trustworthy. He would be a perfect companion even for a child. (PRICE - 25,000.00 USD including transport and all fees). 

One of a kind 4 year old dressage prospect.

Gorgeous 16.5 hands 4 year old stallion (can be gelded at any time) Easy going temperament, learns extremely quickly. Sire Seul after Livius/Leuchtfeuer old Dam Abi after For Leo/For Feeling han. (PRICE $30,000 including transport and fees).

Sheridan - 13 year old Schoolmaster.

Gorgeous and lovable 16.5 hand gelding born in 2002. This is a horse that always scored high 60's at the 4th level and Prix St. Georges tests. He will be an ideal companion for a young rider or even a child. He is a very easy ride and a real schoolmaster. Sire: Romantiker han./Rubinstein I westf. Dam: Symsarna wlkp/Sudan wlkp. (PRICE: 45,000.00 USD including transport and fees).